Day 2 – June 11, 2019

Daily Schedule


Time Activity Location
7:00 AM Breakfast Dining Hall
7:50 AM Break  
8:00 AM Morning Assembly Gilwell Field
8:20 AM Course Photos  
8:45 AM Troop Meeting Gilwell Hall
10:15 AM Break  
10:30 AM Leveraging Diversity Gilwell Hall
11:00 AM Stages of Team Development

Gilwell Hall


11:50 AM Break  
12:00 PM Lunch Dining Hall
1:00 PM PLC Meeting & Chaplain’s Aid Meeting PLC area/CA area
1:30 PM Communication Patrol Sites
2:20 PM Break  
2:30 PM Project Planning Gilwell Hall
3:20 PM Break  
3:30 PM Competition Gilwell Field
4:50 PM Break  
5:00 PM Patrol Meeting Patrol Site
6:00 PM Dinner Dining Hall
7:00 PM Wood Badge Game Show Gilwell Hall
7:50 PM Break  
8:00 PM Win All You Can Game Gilwell Hall
9:00 PM Cracker Barrel Dining Hall

Service Patrol: From Beaver to Bobwhite

Program Patrol: From Owl to Bear


WB@SBR2 Starts Strong!

The Tradition of Wood Badge at the Summit continued yesterday as WB@SBR2 began with a strong start. The Leaders of Troop One are so happy you have chosen to join our troop and we are excited to watch your continued growth.  It seems like just yesterday you were all cute little Cub Scouts! (Oh wait!!… You were!!)

You learned to Listened to Learn and hopefully learned to listen.  There will be so may good messaged like this from your Den Chief (now Troop Guides)

You learned the Scout Law and Oath and SPL Mike reminded you how these words can and should guide your life and choices. Whenever faced with a choice run it by the Oath and Law and you will know what to do.

ASM John challenged us all to find our passion and to use our values (the Scouting Values) to help create a mission and a vision for our tickets and our lives.

Continue to open your mind and enjoy the journey!

Critter Corral

(Articles appear in the order they were received)


The Eager Beavers (first to submit)

The Beaver Colony reported seeing a rafter of turkeys sneaking away from the lunch tent – we fear nothing but PB-n-J for the rest of the week!





What did the Fox say?


Great Job!

The Foxes of WB@SBR2 established early their dominance in the competitive event of team wood puzzle building, completing their assigned task first before any other Patrol. The Foxes, who hail from the In-Oh region of the United States, attest their success to a combined 65 years in scouting and the wealth of knowledge already gained during their Wood Badge course. Zack, Adam, Cheryl, and A.C. wish you all the best in future competitions.


You will need it.


Foxes 1

Bears 0

Bob-Whites 0

Owls 0

Eagles 0


Da’ Bears

What a great first day of Wood Badge at the Summit 2019! We crossed over into Troop 1 and Noah, Quinn, John, Ken and Nancy formed the Bear Patrol. With Scott as our Troop Guide, we learned about listening, worked on our teamwork with a puzzle and made our own woggles. We are working on our totem and look forward to working on our patrol project.






Our patrol was staying on top of their game in creating their woggle. We are the preferred Bird of choice.




Eagles are flyin’ high

The Bald Eagle, majestic National Bird is still flying high throughout the rain, The Eagle Patrol intends to continue this trajectory above the rest of the critters. Also the Eagles proudly share their totem.






Can’t Touch this

Owls challenge with a “Who done it?”

Official day one of the Owl patrol after a glorious blue and gold ceremony!  We moved out of the pack nest into troop one successfully. The five wise owl’s gathered together and started to storm and form together a team. In the Owls Nest we have two engineers, a nurse, an accountant, and a member of the Indiana National Guard. In the nest includes four arrow of light members and three Eagle Scouts. With nine total children most all involved in scouts, the Owls are busier than beavers. We worked through our puzzle-woggle and learned how to “make it matter”.  Our patrol theme for the day was “make wisdom matter” The fighting Owls committed to adding more experiences to our journey, become “information sponges” and work with are excellent Owl eyesight to see what was right in front of us.

To conclude we wrap up with a “Who done it?” Question: which owl has dyslexia and is graduating with a civil engineering degree this year and hopes one day to open his own firm?



BP Makes Surprise Campfire Appearance


After a delightful Instructional Campfire program forced indoors by the ever threatening weather, Lord Baden Powell made a rare and surprising visit to the Summit to share the warmth of the Scouting Spirit with WB@SBR2 Wood Badge Course. As the “campfire” was drawing to a close, BP happened upon our gathering to share a bit about his history and remind us why we do what we do as scouters. Powell left us with two of his most famous statements:


As the week continues and the stresses get stronger, choose to live by these words. Choose happiness, and do your best.