Day 3 – June 12, 2019

Daily Schedule





7:00 AM


Dining Hall

7:50 AM



8:00 AM

Morning Assembly

Gilwell Field

8:30 AM

Instructional Interfaith Service






Troop Meeting

Gilwell Hall




11:00 AM

Leading EDGE/Teaching EDGE

Gilwell Hall


11:50 AM



12:00 PM


Dining Hall

1:00 PM

PLC Meeting & Chaplain’s Aid Meeting

PLC area/CA area

1:30 PM

Conservation Project Planning

Gilwell Hall

2:20 PM



2:30 PM

Patrol Time for Project/Campfire Planning


5:00 PM

Individual Ticket


6:00 PM


Dining Hall

7:00 PM

October Sky

Gilwell Theatre

9:00 PM

Cracker Barrel

Dining Hall


Service Patrol: From Bear to Beaver

Program Patrol: From Bobwhite to Eagle

Tuesday Proves to be Busy Day for all.

The second day of Wood Badge not only didn’t slow down, it actually got even busier. The day started with a presentation on Diversity and Inclusion where we learned the importance of new ideas. There was no rest as we moved into the 4 stages of team development.  As the day was forming, we were fortunate to not see any actual Storming as it was the first day with no rain.


After the project planning presentation we put the new knowledge to the test building our rockets. Then we moved directly into the launch area to witness a fruits of out labor at the rocket launch.  While much fun was had, everyone was impressed to see the successful launch of the Owls. Their rocket flew the highest (by far).


Critter Corral

Game night proved to an educational night for us all. Thank to you all for playing along. The Foxes were quite impressive with their jeopardy win. During the game of life, showed how easy it is to be pushed to live outside of your values. Much was learned by all and fortunately, we are all still friends on the same team to making scouting and the world a better place for our youth.

(Articles appear in reverse order of being received)


Still the Beavers

The beavers had an excellent second day of Wood Badge! Beginning with raising the flags and leading grace and ending with team rocket blasting off again, we are excited to see what the rest of the course holds!




The Bobwhites have had a great Tuesday building synergy and friendship

Picture Day


                           Rocket Launch


Bears change name to something unBearable

After awakening from our hibernation, the bears were a little shocked at first by the cool morning air. As the day continued, fun ensued as games were played and the weather was wonderful (more than just bear-able)!












The Fox patrol are having a great time learning and being at Wood Badge.  We are pleased to see the other patrols getting started with their flags decorated.  Good luck keeping up.  GOD BLESS THE QUARTER MASTER (especially for hot sauce)!

Be Well.




The rocket competition took flight with an Owls winning celebration delight !!

Lord Baden Powell once said: 

“The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others.” And so continues our journey in becoming better servant leaders and engines of happiness. 


Day two was filled full of fun and sun, and perched on high the Owls could see the brilliant day that lay ahead:  the end of service patrol duties (sad owl face), field assemblies, photos, Zulu toss games and team leadership. We moved into the norming phase by finalizing our cheer and our totem.


Thanks to our  trivia “Whoooo done it? “ nominee in Erik Konermann who looks forward to taking his newfound wood badge leadership skills and continuing his scouting journey after his graduation in December.


Better communications, better project planning leads to more fun- which means “More success in the nest” 


The rocket competition took flight and certainly gave the owls a fright. 


Critter trivia #2: “Whooo done it?” Which Owl accounts to be the first person in his family to graduate college and followed that up earning an MBA with a concentration in finance? 


Eagles are flyin’ high


You’re a Scout who deserves the best!


Today is your day to shine above the rest!