Day 4 – June 13, 2019

Daily Schedule for June 13, 2019




7:00 AM


Dining Hall

7:50 AM



8:00 AM

Morning Assembly

Gilwell Field

8:30 AM

Leave No Trace Campsite &` set up

Back country





Troop Meeting

Gilwell Hall

10:30 AM

Leading Change

Gilwell Hall

11:20 AM



11:30 AM

PLC /Chaplains Aid Meeting

PLC area/CA area

12:00 PM



1:00 PM

Generations in Scouting

Gilwell Hall

1:45 PM

Ticket Counselor Process

Gilwell Hall

1:55 PM




Problem Solving /Decision Making

Gilwell Hall


Problem Solving Round Robin

Activity Field




4:00 PM

Managing Conflict

Patrol sites

5:00 PM

Patrol Meetings Ticket work


6:00 PM


Dining Hall

8:30 PM

Participant Campfire

Fire Ring

9:30 PM

Cracker Barrel

Dining Hall


Service Patrol: From Beaver to Bobwhite

Program Patrol: From Eagle to Fox


Help Support the Worldwide Friendship Fund (WFF) at Collection

The Chaplain Aide Corps are honored to present Troop 1 with the Scouts Own Service this Saturday (Day #6), 8:15am, at the outdoor Chapel.  This is the same location our Wood Badge Staff Chaplain, Damon, held our Instructional Interfaith Worship Service.  On that note, a tip of the campaign hat to Damon and his Wood Badge Staff volunteers for time well spent this morning as worship.  

During the Collection part of the service this morning Damon spoke of an opportunity for Troop 1 to support the WFF ( Reverence and the Scout Law are universal in the Scouting Movement; likewise, so is the WFF.  An excellent example of the a Scouting Movement program the WFF actively supports is the Messengers of Peace (

If you are compelled to give to the WFF a physical collection of cash will take place during the Scouts Own Service this Saturday morning.  For your convenience, an electronic collection, by credit, is available to you anytime at this link:

Finally, we all can advance the mission of the WFF through service to the Scouting Movement in the time, talent, and treasure of our individual Wood Badge tickets. We look forward to seeing you at our Scouts Own Service this Saturday, 8:15am, at the outdoor Chapel. 



Critter Corral


The owl spirit animal is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. If you have the owl as totem or power animal, you’re likely to have the ability to see what’s usually hidden to most. (Like sly, untrustworthy foxes)  ~ just sayin’ 🤣

“Whooo done it?” Answer:  Ryan Robison was our mystery owl from yesterday. Ryan shares his love of scouting with his wife and 2 boys and is a troop guide advisor for his troop.

WDI trivia: which wise Owl is a Cub Scout den leader, Indiana National Guard officer (Major) and avid runner? 


Eagles Soaring High on Winds


Eagles’ eyes are focused on outdoor ethics – the outdoor code and sustainability. They’re on the hunt for opportunities to improve outdoor practices in our units. Our patrol flag proudly displays our totem. Beware of Birds of Prey!


What happens when a Beaver goes into the woods…we may never know.


However, for this colony of beavers, the third day of Wood Badge was another busy day. The day started with an inspirational interfaith chapel. We could not ask for a better setting, day, or speaker! This all stood out for the beavers as this was their designated day as the service patrol.


All speakers were amazing for the day, but the Beaver patrol guide was definitely a ray of “Sunshine.”


The Bobwhites are having so much fun getting closer with one another and learning a lot! Today the Bobwhite were hard at work as we created our visions for our tickets as well as got ready for the rest of the course!


Fox Patrol

As we continue to embark on the amazing experience of Wood badge at The Summit Bechtel Reserve, the fox patrol would like to encourage all other patrols to continue to compete in competition, though it may seem as if your destiny is already set. As we listen and continue to be encouraged by these amazing presenters we are blessed with this week, the fox patrol has adopted a motto of their own:



After an un-bear-ably chilly night, we emerged from our dens to a gorgeous, sunny, albeit windy day. We passed our service totem off to the Beavers and welcomed John as patrol leader. We worked diligently on our patrol project and getting our tickets approved. We look forward to the back-country experience and putting our teamwork skills to the test!