Day 6 – June 15, 2019

Wood Badge Messages


Living the Values
* Effective leaders create a compelling vision
* Your ticket will help you turn your personal vision into reality.

Bringing the Vision to Life
* We can all improve our ability to listen.
* Listening is a key element in communicating, learning, and leadership.
* Feedback is a gift.
* Communication is essential to effective leadership and high performance teams.
* Small things have big consequences.
* We are stronger when we make diversity work for us.

Models for Success
* The job of the leader is to move the team through the stages of development to become an empowered high performance team.

Tools of the Trade
* Before starting a project, establish goals and agree on an approach.
* Change is inevitable, but leading change can make it a positive experience.
* High performance teams quickly resolve conflict.
* When teams use an effective approach to problem solving, they can move more quickly toward high performance.
* Self-assessment is important to realize your full potential as a leader.

Leading to Make a Difference
* Make the most of opportunities and challenges.
* Values, vision and mission can change the world.
* The choice of how you will lead to make a difference in Scouting is up to you

Patrol Pride

A beaver’s family is called a colony and beavers are the only animal, other than humans, that changes its environment to suit its needs.  Beavers make a difference!

Yesterday, I became very ill. Members of my colony in the Beaver Patrol went above and beyond in caring for me.  Their concern, watchfulness, and consideration for my well being puts a catch in my throat.  Each member of my Patrol stepped in and helped – either to maintain Patrol Activities, or simply to care for me.  They exemplified exactly what Patrol and Wood Badge life is all about!
Less than a week ago, these people were complete strangers. Now they are my Colony…my family.
Thank you to all who showed concern – but a special and heartfelt thank you to my Patrol – Bob, Amanda, Kevin, and Derek.  Needless to say, I am  PROUD to be a Beaver!
Thank You,
Scott Cunningham
Beaver Patrol 1
Wood Badge Troop 1
WB@SBR2 2019


Critter Coral

The Bears

Today got off to a little bit of a rough start for The Bears, because the alarm in one of our tents didn’t go off and two members were late to breakfast. After that though, things got back on the right track, and everything has gone great since then! The presentations were entertaining and didn’t drag on, and the conservation project was enjoyed by all! Soon enough we’ll be rafting, which is a very exciting prospect. See ya after that!

The Foxes

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The Bobwhites

Thank you for participating in Ask a Scout Anyways. We loved having on our show. Please use the link given to access more information regarding diversity within your program.

The Owls
#owlsrock #owlscanraft 
Another high flying day for the 🦉 owls. Mentoring and coaching our way to hammock heaven as we made service another nest egg. Then came the New River and a rip roaring time.
 Humbled by week, the learning and the friendship the Owls have begun roosted as the week draws to a close.