Day 6 – June 16, 2018

Agenda for the Day


6:30 AM Breakfast and Assessments Patrol Campsites
7:00 AM Break Camp and return from Outdoor Experience
7:30 AM Gilwell Field Assembly Gilwell Field
8:00 AM Patrol Leaders’ Council PLC Area
8:30 AM Interfaith Worship Service (Participant) Chapel
9:00 AM Break
9:10 AM Servant Leadership Gilwell Hall
10:10 AM Closing Brunch Dining Tent
11:25 AM Summary Session Gilwell Hall
12:10 PM Course Assessment Gilwell Hall
12:20 PM Break
12:30 PM Leaving a Legacy Gilwell Hall
1:45 PM Closing Gilwell Assembly Gilwell Field
2:00 PM Depart for Home

Yesterday’s Highlights




Program Patrol Day 6: BEAR

Service Patrol Day 6: BOBWHITE

Wood Badge Messages


Living the Values
* Effective leaders create a compelling vision
* Your ticket will help you turn your personal vision into reality.

Bringing the Vision to Life
* We can all improve our ability to listen.
* Listening is a key element in communicating, learning, and leadership.
* Feedback is a gift.
* Communication is essential to effective leadership and high performance teams.
* Small things have big consequences.
* We are stronger when we make diversity work for us.

Models for Success
* The job of the leader is to move the team through the stages of development to become an empowered high performance team.

Tools of the Trade
* Before starting a project, establish goals and agree on an approach.
* Change is inevitable, but leading change can make it a positive experience.
* High performance teams quickly resolve conflict.
* When teams use an effective approach to problem solving, they can move more quickly toward high performance.
* Self-assessment is important to realize your full potential as a leader.

Leading to Make a Difference
* Make the most of opportunities and challenges.
* Values, vision and mission can change the world.
* The choice of how you will lead to make a difference in Scouting is up to you.


Critter Corral





































WhooooWOW! There is a method to their madness!

Examples of our learning here this week can be seen everywhere!

The Bears were EDGE-ing this morning…see how Marc demonstrated the coffee-bag brewing technique.

Clearly recognized authorities on all things water related, we’d like to send a special “HOOT OUT” to the Beavers for coaching the uninitiated and dissuading white water anxieties.

We are hooting from the treetops now that our  tickets and patrol presentations are behind us. But, since we can turn our heads 270 degrees, they will always be in our line of sight.

Click here for video



















Fun Antelope Fact: A group of wild turkeys is called a rafter. But how does it relate to Antelopes? So, it seems like we are all going to be a bunch of turkeys today!

Looks like the punctuation feud between some animals have officially begun…

Antelopes survived their first long and rough day of camping in the wilderness and finished decorating their fancy tent with multiple trophies from the games they won due to their superior team working skills.

After a productive community service hour at a local cemetery(which is, we were told, equivalent to 4 hours), we are now ready for some water fun!

Missed me, missed me,












I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.  – Maya Angelou

Train people well enough so they can leave; treat them well enough so they don’t want to. – Sir Richard Branson