1. I have a CPAP machine; is there a battery that I can use during the course?

In the past, when participants have let us know we can be sure your tent is located in a manner that we can run a power cord to your tent. We do not have access to batteries, but can certainly provide power or place to recharge your battery if you bring one.

2. How many pairs of uniform socks do I need to bring? Will I need to be in uniform sock all day every day? [this applies to all apparel]

The desire is to be in uniform every day. That being said, do not feel the need to go out a purchase several new pairs of uniform sock if you would not normally need them in you Scouting life. Non-uniform socks are acceptable on most days. Also, in the past since laundry facilities are not available, we have seen participants and staff do laundry by hand mid-week to help their supplies stretch throughout the week.

3. Will there be time allotted in the training schedule for working out? If so is there a gym available? Is there a location to run? i.e. trails?

The truth is, the days are packed. Most of your day will be fully scheduled and any “Spare time” will be invaded by individual and group projects. No work out facilities ware available yet you will be surrounded by nature and trails, but finding time for additional exercise will be challenge for the most disciplined exercise enthusiast.