Post-Course – July 2, 2018

A Word from Our Course Director

Greetings Troop 1 –

Now that we have all returned to our “normal” business routine and family life, I hope your heart and mind will continue to think of Gilwell and remember our experience together. I am so very thankful that each of you made the commitment to participate in Wood Badge and hope that you are still pondering what will be your Legacy.

As we learned together, Leaving a Legacy is about the contributions we make and how we will be remembered. And when I think of our journey together at the Summit, I think of BP’s history and his legacy including using adventure and fun to help teach youth:

  • Experiential learning through adventure and fun activities
  • Self-development: physically, emotionally and mentally
  • A moral code and character development using the Scout Oath and Law
  • Service to others
  • To make a difference

So, what will you do now with what you have learned? What do you want to accomplish that is aligned with your purpose and also the purpose of Scouting?

Making the decision to invest your time and energy to attend Wood Badge is a great addition to your potential in Scouting and the rest of your life. As you move on to “Work your Ticket” what will your legacy be for Scouts, your family and yourself?

Every day we are presented opportunities to make a contribution and to make a difference. To achieve your legacy, you may have to make a few adjustments in yourself first. You may have to work on things that can be uncomfortable like your mindset, your confidence, your comfort zone and maybe your tolerance for risk or discomfort.

Helping Scouts to “Be Prepared” is teaching a philosophy and an attitude towards the life they each face. It is a positive mindset that helps enable each Scout to BE more responsible and more disciplined with the decisions they will have to make and the actions they will need to take in their lives.

Think of some of the coaches and mentors you were introduced to during Wood Badge: Coach Boone, Miss Riley, Mr. Holland, who coached and mentored students on their unique journey to follow their passions against many obstacles in their lives.

As you return to your busy life, you will be in direct contact with hundreds of youth, adults and families. I believe that each of you will help young people enjoy while they learn from the range of experiences they will face. You will coach and mentor them as they “survive” the ups and the downs and then do it again as they strive to get better.

Your Scouts are part of your legacy, and, for us as Staffers, you are part of our legacy.

What will you do to help keep this 100+ year old legacy moving forward, one Scout at a time?

I want each of you to finish your ticket so that we can return to the Summit together. I really look forward to seeing you all again and for our celebration!

Yours in Scouting,

John Stewart

Course Director




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There is a Facebook group set up for course participants and staff. Many pictures from the course have been posted there, along with member comments and shares. This is a great way to stay in contact with other course attendees and to keep up with course news and happenings. You can search for the group “Wood Badge at the Summit 2018” or click here

Share the Experience

Please help us to share this fantastic experience with other Scouters. If you know others who would benefit from the learning, camaraderie, and energizing nature of a Wood Badge course, please point us in their direction. We promise not to harass them, but we would like to extend an invitation to attend an upcoming course. Sometimes a little nudge is all it takes to convince someone that it’s worth the time to invest in themselves and the youth they serve. Click Here to access a form for recommending an individual to attend Wood Badge. It only takes a minute, but could make all the difference for someone. We thank you now. They’ll thank you later!

Letter to Employers

Click Here for a letter from the course director to your employer. This letter outlines some of the topics of the course, skills you practiced, and experiences you shared during your time at Wood Badge.


From Your Troop Guides

After a week of norming, forming, storming, and performing, the WB@SBR1 Beavers have left the lodge and gone their separate ways to continue the Wood Badge journey at home. While they are no longer together in person, they will continue to grow as a patrol by supporting each other as they work their Wood Badge tickets.



Have you ever thought so much about how values should drive your life? Wood badge has a way to centering and cementing this thought in all that you do. I have a treat for you if you read all the way to the end!

For this final Gilwell Gazette entry I want to look thoughtfully in two directions, first the the great individuals of the Bobwhite patrol and then to the group of invited speakers we had.

I want to briefly touch on something I learned about each Bobwhite as they wrote their tickets as I’m guessing most of the participants didn’t get the time to engage with everyone on the course.

  • Adam practices environmental law but left that (more lucrative) position to join the BSA. During this course he chose to be Chaplain’s Aide. Spending the week with Damon he wrote his ticket around learning more about religious law and how these decisions affect local scouting units. I don’t think this new direction for him happens if he doesn’t attend the course and become Chaplain’s Aide.
  • Kelli raises money for the BSA Foundation in the Greater Los Angeles Area Council and knows there’s a growth opportunity for disadvantaged kids in the BSA. Just like the Guide Patrol Project you saw in the parking lot, she’s using fundraising, scouters, community, and family to feed into local programs including starting a new Scoutreach committee and working with her son’s pack.
  • Trent surprised me with his vision when he said that he’s seen a lot of young people enter college for marketing without knowing what it is. His goal is to educate scouts on marketing and related areas so scouts who love those things can be directed into educational opportunities that fit their vision!
  • Jack was inspired by Russell (as we all were) and asked him the best book on BP (it’s Baden-Powell : The Two Lives of a Hero by William Hillcourt) and added that to his ticket. He’s working to better align the two troops he works with to use BP’s patrol method in all that they do.

Looking outward, the speakers that John brought in were phenomenal. Two items to mention in this gazette: Servant Leadership and Leaving a Legacy. I loved seeing all the speakers stick around as long as they could after they were ‘done’ with their presentation, but two couples stand out. Dan and Carol McCarthy and Wayne and Christine Perry all stayed during tear-down and put in hard work (where they certainly weren’t expected to) but these folks lead up front but also where it counts.

Final Haiku:

Thirty five forming

Eight critter patrols storming

One troop performing!


One last thought: bob-WHITE bob-WHITE, BEST SKIT!




Scouting is full of memorable experiences. I’ve had the deep satisfaction of playing a part in helping a young person achieve a goal – often the first goal of their young lives. Shared experiences such as campouts and high adventure have given me the opportunity to bond with people that I would have otherwise not had the pleasure to meet. My experience with Wood Badge has been no different.


The Eagle Patrol is quite a mixture of personalities. Not only does it have age diversity, but the diversity of life experience and scouting experience. The Summit was the special place where these personalities melded into a team. The experience was fleeting – but memorable, and I am honored to have been a witness to it. Bennie, Dan, Alex, David and Michaela: It has been a privilege to work with you and to be your patrol guide! I look forward to seeing you do something BIG!




WB@SBR1 was an amazing experience as a first time troop guide staffer. Thank you Foxes for allowing this Eagle to be part of your team. I thoroughly enjoyed our short time together and look forward to your ticket progress. Smart as a Fox, fox, fox, fox rings on and makes me smile daily. I leave you with a fun haiku celebrating our time together. Continued success on your tickets!


Wood Badge spirit sings

Smart as a Fox, Friendships grow

Gilwell happy land




Kelly, Kristin, David, and Kent, otherwise known as the Owl Patrol, flew across the finish line that is the completion of the week long course. Now begins their quest to realize their feathery vision and complete their tickets. WHOO will finish their tickets? The Owls will! If you knew these wise critters like I know these wise critters, there would be no doubt that one day, they will collect their beads and HOOT for joy. I, their humble Troop Guide, will be as excited as they will be when that necker and those beads are placed around their necks!

It is my hope that they will share their accomplishments with each other, and with us. Together we will celebrate their victories because, when their tickets are complete, the scouting world will be better for it.

It is my honor and pleasure to know them.




I would like to start by saying a BIG THANK YOU to the Bear Patrol. Your energy, interest and input during the week made my position as a Troop Guide very rewarding and FUN!!! I just returned from a trip to The Great Smoky Mountains and while I was on a foray through the park I noticed that the Bears were already out and must certainly be working on their tickets. At least they seemed busy as you can see in the photo (yes the black dot is a bear.) I am not a photographer but this is as close as I wanted to get. I didn’t want to interfere with the work that was being done. The tickets approved for the patrol were all great and I look forward to hearing about the progress over the coming months. I wish everyone the best on your ticket process!!!




Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam….

After an inspiring week in the hills of West Virginia and the wonderful confines of the Summit Bechtel Reserve, the Buffalo have scattered about the country to return to their normal (or not so normal) ways of life. Although being geographically spread out across the nation, the Buffalo still feel close to one another as evidenced by the heavy amounts of texting and sharing of photographs. In some cases the ticket process has begun and in others, just catching up on sleep is all that can be expected (Sleep in a bed that is!!) The Buffalo look forward to the reunion once we’ve reached the 100% ticket completion of the entire troop.




It was truly an honor to serve as the Troop Guide for the Antelopes!  To quote a joke from Damon, you could really tell that the Antelopes were Outstanding in their Field.  The Antelopes truly bonded from the start and truly helped make the week great!  I was truly proud of them until they snapped a picture of me relaxing at the back of the bus.

Thanks for the amazing picture and frame!  It is proudly displayed in my little office.

I think that this is only the beginning of greatness from Scott, Scott, Kyle and Ekaterina!  I look forward to the beading ceremonies.




Ticket Deadline: December 16, 2019





The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Lao Tzu


Have a fantastic day, Wood Badgers!